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Lancaster Is, if you don't already know, the County seat of Lancashire. The old town sits under the watchful eye of the very impressive castle, parts of which date back to 1150. Due to its strong strategic position, the castle and #Lancaster area were entrusted to those closest to the throne. It became part of the Honour of Lancaster and the centrepiece of the County Palatine.

When the third Duke of Lancaster, Henry Bolingbroke, came to the throne in 1399 as King Henry IV the castle became part of the Duchy of Lancaster, and so the owner, is our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. From the late 18th century the castle was substantially modified for its use as a court house and prison and is still in use today.

The streets that sit below this impressive building are a joy. Thanks to the new relief road (not much relief for motorists), the town is very traffic-free, with pretty stone-built houses and shops, that sit at peculiar angles off winding streets. There are retail outlets galore, and indicative of many tourist-driven places, the goods on sale never cease to amaze - from herbs to rocking horses and deep pink, sheep-skins - Lancaster had them all.

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