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Cardiff Is situated on the Bristol Channel, Cardiff is a waterside city, and at just over two hours by rail from London it makes for a perfect weekend break.

This is the capital city of Wales, and hosts its own Parliamentary Assembly. #Cardiff is a very flat city, surrounded by countryside that rises to to hills in the north of the city suburbs. To the west is the Vale of Glamorgan, while Newport sits to the east and Caerphilly  to the  north.  

Over the past two decades Cardiff has undergone major re-development, and though much of the original character of old Cardiff remains, you can’t  help but notice the effects of the regeneration around Cardiff. Cafes, bars and smart hotels have arrived, though it has to be said, not in great numbers, so do a little research, and bear in mind that this city can get very crowded if a concert or rugby match is in full swing.

Do take the time to drive into the surrounding countryside, you will not be disappointed.

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