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Chester Today - Has managed to pull off  one trick with  great deal of aplomb. That is to hide their indoor shopping centre. Where most towns and cities have in the past, simply bulldozed acres of fine buildings in their rush for concrete and steel, the planners at Chester Council, obviously sat down and against all perceived wisdom, thought about their idea in depth.

The result is the Grosvenor Centre, a modern, airy precinct with a good size multi-storey car park that nobody can spot from the outside. You simply wander in and out of via the Rows, and how much more pleasant it is for that, nothing assaults the senses, and #Chester has the best of both worlds, modern shops dressed in black and white splendour – perfect

It really is a joy to move around this city, and you can walk the Rows without a care. Up and down odd angled staircases and uneven floors, you can happily saunter, and usually by default rather than design, you will somehow find yourself by a set of steep steps that lead to the city walls. Here you will see yet another aspect of this beautiful city. Take the time to walk the city-walls, they are well worth the effort                .

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