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Edinburgh today The influence of James Craig has proved to one of lasting merit. Look around the city today, and the pure symmetry and balance of his designs adds a timeless elegance to Edinburgh’s Georgian district. This is, in every sense, a city at ease with its history and special appeal.

You don’t have to travel far in this city to realize there is one major visual reference in this city, and that’s the superb castle perched high on the hill. Everything tumbles away from this most famous of landmarks. Countless alleyway and steep steps intertwine with tall terraces and imposing public buildings, constructed from rugged grey/green stone.

Once through the pleasant parks that form a natural link between the old and new city, you are treated to imposing Georgian streets with glorious town houses and elegant facades of every style from Georgian to High Victorian. Craig’s wide avenues give the impression of wealth and city pride – Yes, #Edinburgh is very SPECIAL.

#Edinburgh has a huge choice of hotels and guest houses, from the uber-smooth to the classic, there is bound to be something that ticks the box in this fair city.  

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