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Brighton & Hove, as it is  now formally known, has undergone many physical and cultural changes since its Regency hey-days. Many of the wonderful white, bow-fronted Nash properties remain, and are now boasting some of the best #Boutique Hotels in the country.

The city still remains a magnet for continental visitors, particularly the French and Scandinavian students who descend on Brighton during the summer months. In addition, there is a thriving  bohemian artists scene in Brighton, sadly, there is also a drugs problem. That said, #Brighton still feels safe, and there seems   little need to worry.                                        

For those of you who enjoy a stroll, the promenade is as perfect as it gets., A wide and never ending sea wall, anchors this broad esplanade, with much of the vista still looking as it did in the Regency period.

Extract from Brighton At GlanceCourtesy of Bookopedia

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