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Oxford Is known as the "city of dreaming spires", a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold. Despite some of the less attractive structural additions in an around #Oxford, it has to be said this is stil a rather impressive place, and very easy on the eye. University towns and cities have a certain feel, and certainly that air of tradition and confidence pervade the very fabric of #Oxford. Your stay here would have to incude a degree of sightseeing, and in a stange sort of way, most of us are already familiar with  many of the impressive campus buildings through such programmes as Inspector Morse and the like.

There are shops aplenty, pubs, restuarants and bars, what there is a distinct lack of however, is, hotels.The opening of such places as Malmaison (In the old Castle Prison) has added a new dimension to the accommodation options.That said, the choice is not wide and you will have to do your homework, and book well in advance to be safe.

The nicest part about Oxford is, you can park your car for a couple of days and walk practically everywhere - it really is very compact, and this becomes very attractive after the first day. The attractions of central Oxford are many and well documented, what is worth remembering is the beautiful surrounding countryside, and such places as Woodstock and the glorious #Blenheim Palace are well worth a visit. Yes, you will enjoy Oxford !

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