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Penzance The name Penzance is believed to have  derived from the Cornish Pen Sans, meaning holy headland, as a chapel once stood on the point to the west of the harbour more than a millennium ago. Famous for its pirates, #Penzance is both historic port and busy commercial centre on the south facing shores of Mount’s Bay and has one of the mildest climates in the UK.

One of the striking things about the town is the abundance of palm trees and gardens full of sub-tropical plants, a sure sign that you have arrived somewhere unique made even more special by the sight of #St Michael’s Mount out to sea that seems to hover magically over the water.

Wander the town’s narrow  streets and you’ll come across such places as the Egyptian House, the statue of local hero Sir Humphry Davy pioneer of mine safety, art galleries, book sellers  much more. This all adds to the slightly bohemian feel of the town. Visit the harbour, or better still, take a boat trip boat or a fishing excursions – this is the very essence of West Cornwall.

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