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Norwich Today if you look at Norwich on a map, you would wonder, just who visits here.? To say that Norwich is out of the way, is somewhat of an understatement.  It’s worth remembering (as previously stated), that at one time, Norwich was considered a serious contender for the mantle of England’s premier city. Her commerce and general levels of wealth were of such impressive proportions, that nobody underestimated the power held in this outpost of Norfolk.

Evidence of such influence is everywhere in modern-day Norwich, from its stunning Cathedral, to its majestic Georgian squares and mansion houses. Norwich today, has an easy and relaxed atmosphere, not least because it is very car-free. In fact, Norwich was one of the first places in the UK to introduce pedestrian shopping areas (the first one in the mid 1960s). There is a wealth of history to be enjoyed, great walks and equally enjoyable shops..

Staying in #Norwich you are within easy reach of the beautiful Norfolk Broads and the equally charming coastline. Take a few trips out of Norwich, it’s worth the effort.

Excerpt from Norwich At A GlanceCourtesy of Bookopedia

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